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Cochrane Rally 2014 Pic
Testing out the WRX Rally Car
Rally car taking a Hair Pin Left
Giving credit to our sponsor Spokes and Motors
Another picture of testing out our WRX Rally Car
Your have your office we have a rally car
Having fun in our Rally Car
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About: Fat Tail Racing

Fat Tail Racing is an organization whose members share a passion for competitive racing, motorsport development and being a positive influence in our community. Our team competes in sanctioned rally racing events while promoting sportsmanship and healthy competition in a fun, positive environment. As a team we work hard to earn spots on the podium, but we work equally as hard to further develop our sport through organizational and charitable events. We are committed to our Sponsors to positively promote their brand and image while we are at races, during training, in social media, at charitable events and on the podium. The success of Fat Tail Racing Team is not possible without the support of our Sponsors.

Nicholas Spencer

Started off competing in auto cross events from 1996-2000 in Calgary driving a 1985 Honda prelude. In 2005 I was able to get back behind the wheel in auto cross events in my 2003 Subaru WRX. In 2007 I was able to purchase my favourite car, A 2007 Subaru STI and soon after was tearing up the track in it, racing in timed events in Calgary and auto cross in Lethbridge. In 2011 I decided I was done with amateur events and wanted to step into the big leagues so I purchased a 1995 Subaru WRX from Japan and started building it into a Rally car. Competed in the 2012 Western Canada Rally Championship season. At the end of the season I was given the opportunity to purchase a fully built 2004 Subaru STI Rally car. I competed in the 2013 season in the WCRC.

John Kesslar

I am brand new to racing and motorsports. My first race was this year at the March 2014 Cochrane Rally. I do, however, bring to the table my love for speed and a passion for the extreme.
From fighting fires at my job to Kitesurfing as a hobby I am always challenging my limits. I am hoping to have an educational and fun first year as Co-Driver for Fat Tail Racing.

Our Races

Cochrane Image Auto Body Regional Rally

Location: Cochrane, AB
Date:March 8-9 2014

Radium Hot Springs Rally

Location: Kananaskis, AB
Date:May 24-25 2014

Mountain Trails Regional Rally

Location: Merrit, BC
Date:June 2014

Pacific Forest National Rally

Location: Merrit, BC
Date:October 2014

Pacific Forest National Rally

Location: Merrit, BC
Date:October 2014

Rocky Mountain National Rally

Location: Invermere, BC
Date:October 2014

Rocky Mountain National Rally

Location: Invermere, BC
Date:October 2014

Big White Regional Winter Rally

Location: Kelowna, BC
Date:December 2014

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Todays the day. Fat Tail Racing’s first ever Rally event

9 March 2014

Things go really well for us as a team. It takes a few stages for Nic and I to get our rhythm then we work on pace and focus on finishing our first rally. We battle all day with the Top teams in Production 4wd class.
The results:
1st place in Novice class for Fat Tail Racing, with Nic winning the 1st Novice Driver Award.
2nd place in Production Class 4wd by only 26 seconds.
6thplace overall out of 23 entries.
Not bad for our first rally as a team and my first rally ever…. We can’t wait for our next rally… the Kananaskis Rally at the end of May.

Getting Ready

8 March 2014

Registration for the event in the morning. 4hrs of Recce. Parc Expose and Scrutineering in the afternoon. Then back to the hotel to go over the pacenotes and some sleep.

Today’s the day

7 March 2014

Some last minute decals for the cars. Load up the vehicles and gear into the trailer. We’re off to Cochrane for our first rally.

Daily tally, one RC helicopter down with minor damage and one blow rally tire.

26  Febuary 2014

Nic and I get together with Layne Van Rhijn from Aerial Vantage Media from Lethbridge to get some pictures and aerial video of the car for some upcoming sponsorship ideas we have. One of the R/C copters goes down during filming as it is cold out today and hard on the RC copters. We also use the opportunity to get some more time at speed in the rally car. We get our first opportunity to practice a tire change as we blow a tire during practice and with no spares left in the car we call it a day. Daily tally, one RC helicopter down with minor damage and one blow rally tire. Less than two weeks out from the Cochrane Rally.

Getting Dialed in!

22  Febuary 2014

Nic and I meet with Shawn Corliss. Shawn is going be developing and maintaining our website. FatTailRacing.com is registered as a domain name. We discuss website layout options and content with Shawn. He knows what he is doing and I am excited to see what he builds for us. Fat Tail Racing will be going public soon…..

The whole crew gets together for a team practice day.

16  Febuary 2014

Nick and Frasier work on their service pit skills with the rally car. Nic and I work on some pacenotes with the recce car and I get my first rides at speed in the rally car…we are definitely coming together as a team. This is going to be fun!!!

Service Crew meeting

11  Febuary 2014

Nic and I have a race crew meeting in the afternoon. We discuss some team strategy and some management issues. There is lots of work to be done before Cochrane Rally…
rally entry fees
racing licence applications
and getting in a co-driver seat that will fit me… so much work. I bring up team names and we discuss how Scorpion Racing and Rally are common names and taken by someone somewhere in this world. I mention to Nic how I looked up common names for the world’s deadliest scorpions. #1 Deadliest scorpion is the Deathstalker scorpion… We laugh at the idea of Deathstalker racing. #2 Deadliest Scorpion is the Fat Tail Scorpion. Hmmmm Fat Tail Racing…. We both agree it sounds good and our new team has a name…. Fat Tail Racing has been born. Now to find out if there is already a Fat Tail Racing in existence?
Nic, Nick, Frasier and I have a Service Crew meeting in the evening. Nick volunteers to take on the Crew Chief Position. Congratulations… I think. A long list of things that needs to be done with the cars is made… Cochrane on March 9th… shouldn’t be a problem…maybe…. Do we have enough time? The crew get to work on the car. FatTailRacing.ca is registered as a domain name